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Hi and welcome. I’m Alice Kleinsman. Thanks for taking the time to check out Be Well Naturally

I am the owner of Be Well, part of a bigger community venture to claim our lives back for ourselves, and to choose the way we want to live, free from the pressures of the unsatisfying life of a human sardine, being churned out on a production line

Here in the beautiful sundrenched seaside town of Foxton (yes even in winter we are blessed with a huge number of sunlight hours) we play towards health, confidence, patience and a sense of being nurtured all in the name of BEing WELL NATURALLY

Since 1998 I have been working with conscious folks who want to use natural healing methods to Be Well. Why did I come to this? …

I went through a near death experience at 9 years of age and became incurably fascinated by the connection between our bodies, our minds and our hearts. I had to teach myself to walk again after an infection in my spinal cord and while I couldn’t quite consciously work out the connection between what was going on in my mind and in my heart, I knew it was there, and used it to make myself well again. It was not until I was 24, after going to the (allopathic) doctor twice for the same thing, that I realized that there was nothing that he could offer me, and that I needed to take responsibility for my own healing. I have never been back to the (allopathic) doctor since and although I go through a healing process each week, I have rarely had even a cold since then

While it took me a while to understand and heal the many physical and psychological symptoms I had, I decided to find and learn the most effective ways to heal from the inside – healing the root cause and staying healthy. So that took me to South America, to the Netherlands, to the Cook Islands, and finally back to Aotearoa - a long and colourful journey. I trained with some of the world’s top healers in leading edge healing and wellbeing techniques and worked in healing and teaching in Aotearoa/NZ, in the Netherlands, and in the Cook Islands.

I had trained as a teacher in science, maths, religion and physical education. I now changed tack, and building on my initial degree in biochemistry, I studied homeopathy, I studied healing using guided meditation, I studied NLP, the art of language, and I became a certified life coach and adult educator

I have helped people to be free of antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals. I have worked with people who had cancer and other serious life threatening illnesses, and who are now well again. I have used homeopathy and other natural remedies to treat the animals who share the property with us for the past 12 years. I have served the people of this area for 15 years, offering a viable effective and caring alternative to the medical centres.

“I love to see all those I work alongside to be feeling well physically, emotionally and spiritually, experiencing love for themselves and for all those in their lives”

I especially love hanging around with babies and children and supporting families in finding the jewels within their own treasure chest that is their family. I love the energy and fun children naturally bring with them and appreciate relearning many health giving principles that they just live by.

My family of origin has used homeopathy for 3 generations, and my immediate family has used only homeopathy and natural remedies for the past 25 years.

With my beautiful and talented life partner (lover if the children aren’t listening) we have birthed 3 beautiful children at home, (one a free birth), and have the most amazing life anyone could wish for. We live in a simple, natural, deliciously warm home we designed and built ourselves. We did share the property with others, including another unschooling family, as an intentional community. Unfortunately at present, due to local council restrictions, we are the only residents. We grow as much as we can for ourselves, following organic permaculture principles and practice compassionate (non violent) communication trying to live as simply as possible using natural ways of being.

Other things I love to do are walking and gardening (any exercise in a natural setting actually); spending time with my family playing games or out with the horse; preparing delicious fresh food; and much to the children’s horror, MATHS, which I now get to do occasionally again, as our eldest has spent the last year at school in preparation for university and he has discovered a similar love for numbers

The name Alice means truth and it sits well in my heart that I bring a very compassionate, practical, possibility seeking perspective for people who are looking for truth and true healing

If you feel inspired, fascinated, or curious go to the contact us page now, and drop us a line. Connections (with ourselves, with others and with our source) = health, and I am ever so grateful for the amazing way that we are able to be in contact so easily using the web. What an incredible tool for connecting!

I am also incredibly grateful to our 3 beautiful children who have taught me so much, helped me to stay true to my dearest held principles, and encouraged me to keep my heart open and a smile on my face – most of the time anyway!

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