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I am going to give you the indications for using Aconite. It is a fantastic remedy to have at this time of the year, and as with all homeopathic remedies it is really important to know your remedies and the indications for using them

Give frequently in acute conditions
To get the benefit from Aconite in acute conditions it should be given frequently, as often as every five to fifteen minutes according to the emergency. If it is cor­rectly chosen its effects will be quickly apparent. I would always tend to use the potency of 30c in these circum­stances. In chronic "blocked shock", a single extremely high potency can have an amazing effect.

Sudden onset, post-exposure
In acute conditions the picture comes on suddenly with great intensity. An infection will develop rapidly after exposure to a wind, a fright or a shock. Classically it is indicated in the very early congested phase of an illness before localisation has taken place. The cond­ition can be extremely violent and even life-threatening.
Note this point about being post-exposure, because this is invariably the case. Conditions requiring Aconite seem to have a definite cause or to be a reaction from an event. That can be from sudden chilling, or after an accident or shock. The patient is liable to be aware that the problem started from that pre­cise point.

Tension and fear of death
Tension is one of the main features that indicates the need for Aconite. This takes the form of mental and physical tension. Mental tension manifests as anxiety and fear. Indeed so great may that fear be that the individual actually feels that death may be imminent, and they have a presentiment about precisely when they are actually going to die. And they will be terrified at the prospect.

Panic can be so intense that they feel they need medicine straight away, that something needs doing instantly and that medical aid must be obtained as an emergency. Their feeling is that if aid is not obtained, they will die. This is the shadow of death that seems to hover around this state and links up with the deadly poison that in homeopathic dosage will relieve it.
At the physical level the tension can take the form of severe muscle pains, extreme restlessness, shaking and even convulsions. Tension in the involuntary muscles may produce chest pains, or in the respiratory system to provoke an attack of asthma.


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