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Part of finding our place in the world is knowing who we are and feeling comfortable in our own skin.
I belong to a very special group of people who support me in following my heart and in staying true to my deepest purpose...
On Friday I had the honour of meeting a beautiful soul – one of those people who makes the world a better place simply by being in it...
This week I am looking at something quite different – your money values. In this area, as in all areas in your life, when what you think about money, what you say about money, and what you do about money are in harmony, you will have happiness.
When you become so engrossed in what you are doing, time stops. When your needs are being fully met, you become passionate about life.
The one thing that makes the BIGGEST difference in helping us live a life full of meaning is being clear on what our deepest values are.
Last year there were many things I found difficult in my life, and it has been easy to put them down to not having a steady income, which is challenging for me as my strongest money value at present is security. However I know that that is not the centre of my un-ease.
I believe that life doesn't happen to us, but that we choose the journey. And for me, life is about experiencing the journey.
The best way that I have found to let go of ego driven achievements, is to focus clearly on my values. Choosing my 3 being values, and aligning them with who I am was probably the single most powerful exercise I have done in my life.
I mentioned in the last newsletter that I was taking the 21 Day Complaint Free Challenge, which is proving very challenging. I have gone for 48 hours complaint free, once, in 4 weeks...
I am nearly finished the Course in Miracles – 7 days to go – (365 days of study/meditation/letting go of judgements and preconceptions). It has taken me nearly 3 years to complete it and has resulted in me being in the world with a completely different energy.
We have been going through an amazing book called "Right Riches For You", and have seen some amazing things happen in our relationship with wealth and money.
I have met many people who think that they have a positive attitude towards life, but somehow they never seem to achieve their goals.
Judgement is a skill we learn very quickly in life. Unfortunately, unlearning it is probably as difficult as anything you could ever dream of doing in your life. We often hide behind our judgements, allowing the emotions they inspire to come to the fore.

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