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Your thoughts, words and actions are the energy source that you use to create what you want, or don't want.

I have met many people who think that they have a positive attitude towards life, but somehow they never seem to achieve their goals. We watched a movie on the weekend – great feat in itself – called "I AM". The director of "Liar Liar", and "Ace Venturer, Pet Detective" amongst other movies, had an experience which left him wondering about the meaning of his life, and the goals he had set. I highly recommend the movie, as a means to reflect on goals, and intentions

I am a great believer in goals, and support many people in goal getting (as opposed to goal setting) and the most important part of the equation to me is the alignment of your goals with your deepest heart-centered values. What we all have a tendency to forget is that our lives reflect our beliefs, and until we have our thoughts, words and actions all in alignment, we keep falling short of our intentions, and what we actually do can appear to have little integrity

Often when I am working with people, we start with looking at the thought patterns that they are using. Changing these often leads to changes in the way we speak, and what we do. As creatures of habit we need to consciously be aware of our words and our actions, to ensure we are living with integrity, and creating what we want