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Judgement is a skill we learn very quickly in life. Unfortunately, unlearning it is probably as difficult as anything you could ever dream of doing in your life. We often hide behind our judgements, allowing the emotions they inspire to come to the fore. We then act on these emotions and the judgements become normalised.

I really felt the sadness of this whole process when we were watching "Dances With Wolves" on the weekend. On his own at the frontier, the lone yankee soldier got to know the local Indians, and enjoyed a mutual existence with them. The garrison who arrived after him had a strong judgement of Indians as well as anyone who had any connection with them. This engendered a culture of fear and aggression within the garrison towards all Indians (racial prejudgement or prejudice) and towards one of their own who had "gone crazy". Subsequently most Indians were wiped out, and there were very few opportunities taken to break down prejudices and build up understandings between peoples

Judgements are thoughts, which we then use to form or strengthen beliefs by which we live our lives. Unfortunately the 4 letter "F" word, FEAR, is often underneath the reason we choose to make a judgement. Fear paralyses our emotions, and beliefs, keeping us stuck in relationships that aren't fulfilling, in jobs which aren't filling our hearts, in bodies we don't love. Living without fear means we can also live without judgement; and have those fulfilling relationships we dream of; do the work that leaves our heart singing; enjoy our beautiful bodies.

What would your life be like if YOU were Fearless?
When you learn how to live your life fearlessly, you become a completely new person.
Just imagine...A fresh start.
No more second-guessing yourself about everything and you can approach your life with confidence and courage, sure of who you are and the decisions you're making.