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I belong to a very special group of people who support me in following my heart and in staying true to my deepest purpose. This week, when I was emotionally and spiritually wobbling around, they reminded me very gently of the power of gratitude and acceptance.

Years ago when I was doing my coaching training, I decided to start a regular practice of gratitude morning and night. So last thing as I close my eyes, I go through all that I am grateful for, and then first thing when I wake up, I go through the process again. It is amazing to do this, and gratitude mostly just falls out of my mouth.

However, when it came to our Isness meeting (we are replacing the busy part of our life's work or busy-ness with our "who we are" or is-ness) those wonderful teachers of mine reminded me of the importance of seeing everything that I have and am, instead of getting lost in what I don't have within my business. So going from thinking I am not doing all the things I need to be doing to run a "successful business", because
otherwise I would have millions to show for it by now!!, I experienced a beautiful moment of truth, and realised I could be grateful for all that I do have in my life's work, and there was an enormous shift of energy. I went from being annoyed with myself and feeling frustrated, to feeling peaceful and accepting.

A beautiful man read me out this poem which touched my soul – a sweet story of gratitude. So I asked if I could share it with you all ...

Generally, I like surprises, Jenny,
though I'm not sure your vocabulary is large enough
for me to explain it to you.
But then again, when we first met
the words you knew were counted on a single hand of fingers.

How quickly all this changed...

What a gift to share a sliver of your life
once a week, on the Mobile.
You knew my name in a flash,
were always joyous to see me,
and we had conversations about the DVDs you loved
even when the words weren't enough,
with intonation and abundant expression
indicating plenty for me to play along with.

But now you're gone.

I wasn't ready, even though I knew your house had sold
cos I thought I had a couple of weeks
to think of a present for you.
So when, unexpectedly, I was away from work on a Tuesday,
I thought, still, I had time.
Enter, your surprise...

Opening the storage cupboard, a written note
from the hand of your Mum
and your best signature at the bottom
alongside a small bag of my favourite chocolates

- you couldn't have known -

but I typically don't subscribe
to the idea of coincidence, and,
heart full of love and sadness
I figured I'd never see you again.

Last weekend however, running late and distracted,
I recognised your family on the street.
I shouldn't have even been there, but "coincidence" is my co-pilot.
I stopped the car, rushed over,
(nearly got run over)
took the time to look in all the eyes (yours included),
express my gratitude,
and say goodbye.

Turns out of course the impact
of those weekly interactions was mutual,
and this chapter, now properly concluded,
where another will begin.

a humble mobile library magician