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"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." ― Marie Curie

I believe that life doesn't happen to us, but that we choose the journey. And for me, life is about experiencing the journey. Luckily for me, in many situations I know that an emotion doesn't last forever. In fact the longest an emotion has been measured to last is 45 minutes, (and that was grief.)What happens is that we invite that emotion back in again, so it seems like it is lasting hours, maybe even days, months, or even years.

What we do with the emotions that we experience, with all the things that happen, and how we allow the events of our lives to shape who we are, especially during the difficult times, this determines how happy or unhappy we will be.

There is nothing wrong with us when we experience fear – there are in fact natural mechanisms in our bodies that ensure that our fear keeps us safe. However for many of us, fear is a constant companion. It rules our lives and influences all our choices. Anger often masks fear. May of the other emotions also cover up for fear. Fear is the only thing that stops us from reaching our potential – to be who we are.

Take a minute when you finish reading this, and jot down any fears that come to mind. Then write down, "How would I live if I wasn't afraid of anything?"

At the moment my catch phrase is (taken from Access Consciousness) "What would it take for me to be willing to live the energy of what I would like my life to be?" This keeps me focussed on what I would like, and allows any fears to dissipate almost on the spot.