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Be who you are, and be that well – St Francis de Sales

The best way that I have found to let go of ego driven achievements, is to focus clearly on my values. Choosing my 3 being values, and aligning them with who I am was probably the single most powerful exercise I have done in my life. In addition to my 3 being values, to move me on from the space I was in at the end of the year, where I was wearing so many hats I could hardly hold my head up any more, I decided to add harmony and joy to my life.

Knowing and living according to your values has a number of benefits –

  • you have a clear code of ethics to live by
  • choosing to act on these values helps to break the pattern of reacting, and this means you can leave old beliefs behind, and create new beliefs about yourself
  • acting on your chosen values makes you feel happier

Acting on your values is a form of self-love. This fits with the 3 most important things in life – connecting with yourself, with others and with your source.
Here is a very quick easy exercise to start the year with.

  • Think of a goal you have (an important one, although it doesn't need to be a huge one)

eg one of my goals last year was to go on 3 tramps

  • Write down why it is a goal –

I love being out in the bush, smelling and hearing nature, and feeling alive and energetic

  • What is the feeling you get from having that goal? Let this bubble up, or get out a bit of paper and write or doodle for a while, or play some music to get the feeling

I get a connection with nature, a sense of being in harmony with the universe, and a freedom from the superficial "worries" of the world.

  • Choose a word that encompasses this feeling that you get – it doesn't have to mean anything to anyone except yourself. Now write a complete definition of that word, and put that up somewhere where you will see it regularly

When you consciously choose your values, and consistently act on them, your perception about who you can be and what your life can look like, change, and life opens up.
Be courageous – start the year making a conscious choice of what feelings you want to have. Now you are ready to choose meaningful goals!