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Have you ever lost track of time? You might be in the garden, and then you suddenly become aware that you are running late for a commitment you made. When you become so engrossed in what you are doing, time stops. When your needs are being fully met, you become passionate about life – not forcefully, or maniacally, but gracefully.

The little nuggets of joy that add meaning to your – those things that make time stop for you – what are yours? They don't have to be a "meaningful activity" or have any extrinsic value attached. Just something you enjoy. Time stops for me when I am in the garden, when I am reading, when I am sitting at the beach, writing, having a cuppa with a good friend

If you haven't had, or taken, the chance to listen to your heart for a long time, you may find that there are very few moments in your life where time stops. You may want to reflect on a time when you felt really happy and note what you were doing at that time. Or you may want to use your imagination. What books or movies make you feel really good? Do they engender hope, or a sense of fun?

For us to feel that we are getting our needs met, we need to have at least one time like this every day. What is your time stopper? Forget the to-do list; make sure you have at least one nugget of joy every day. Ideally have so many they fill up your day!!