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Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. (Mahatma Gandhi)

This week I am looking at something quite different – your money values. In this area, as in all areas in your life, when what you think about money, what you say about money, and what you do about money are in harmony, you will have happiness.

Last year due to a variety of reasons we found ourselves in a very challenging financial situation. A very dear friend Patina Edwards, who is an Access Consciousness practitioner, lent us a book called "Right Riches For You". We used this book and combined with Mark Silver's "Heart of Business" and our mastermind group, we have managed to explore our relationship with money and turn our finances around so that we are able to be paying off debts, and have spare money.

We all have many points of view about money, often unconscious ones. In health, I often talk to people about how changing the way I look at things can generate something quite different in my body. The same is true of anything – money included.
If you are interested in generating a financial reality in your life that is different to what it is presently, you can start by changing the way you look at things.

Take some time now to write down on a piece of paper your answers to the question WHAT DOES MONEY MEAN TO YOU

Fill in this form to find out your money values – people tend to associate money with one of 3 values – security, prosperity, or freedom. Find out which of these is dominant for you. Unfortunately, money cannot give you any of these things, but we closely associate money with them.

On a different note, if you are interested in understanding a little more about the money system, and how it works go here to view a very simple slide show about money, interest and the banking system