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My computer and I haven't had a great relationship of late – so I am doing NVC hard out, and working through things – it went to visit Noel for a break and a bit of TLC treatment, and I have had a break from writing the newsletter, while shifting my clinic room, developing an acne remedy, and working on the national executive for the Council of Homeopaths.

And now spring is here, full of hope, changeable weather, vibrant energy as everything bursts into flower, and new life. Every year as we come out of winter, I am once again excited about what is happening.

We have been going through an amazing book called "Right Riches For You", and have seen some amazing things happen in our relationship with wealth and money. I have also nearly come to the end of 'The Course in Miracles' – a 1 year course, which has taken me 3 years to finish. It is actually only the end of the start, and I have experienced some amazing insights and shifts in my inner world going through the programme. I am excited about sharing some of these things with you over the coming newsletters.