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I was amazed to see the children eating these, which looked luminescent! And tasted great.
It took me 5 minutes to make in the morning, and they were ready to pull out for dinner.
A bunch of kale, outside cabbage leaves, cavallo nero, or collards.
¼ cup of oil (mixture of olive oil and hempseed oil is delicious)
2 tbsp tamari
Juice of 1-2 lemons
1 dssp honey or sweetener if desired

Remove the stalks of the greens, and save them to munch on or juice. Roll the greens up tightly, and slice VERY FINELY.
Mix the marinade ( I make it without sweetener, but it does come out more like stir fried marinated greens with a little honey)
Cover the finely shredded/sliced greens with the marinade, mixing it through thoroughly. Squash it down under the marinade as much as possible. Leave it in the fridge until dinner to keep the oils from oxidising. Push the greens under the marinade as often as possible during that time if you see it.
It looks radioactive when you dish it up, as if it will walk to your plate almost! A great alternative to coleslaw, and you can sprinkle some dukkah (see last weeks recipe) on for a variation in flavour.


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