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This recipe comes out like a soft toffee – but take care of the food processor and your teeth!

2 cups Cashews
1 cup Dates
1 cup Raisins

I have a champion food processor, which grinds wheat for flour, juices, and makes nut butters. So I put these ingredients through the machine, and out comes the ground up mixture, ready to roll into balls
I have also experimented with a cheaper food processor –
· Grind up the cashews first. In theory, it is a good idea to soak the cashews first, then dry them out slowly (a cool oven works for this.) In practise, it's not always practical, so if I haven't soaked the nuts, I still make it because it is so delicious. Now add the dates and raisins
· I do soak the dates if they aren't soft, and the raisins if they are quite dry. It makes a wetter mixture overall, but put in the fridge, they harden up anyway

(You may need to hide them if you want them to last longer than 5 minutes.)

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