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What it's like to work with us at Be Well Naturally

On this page we will tell you the kinds of results people have had and we will also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, and our approach to health, wellness and living a heart centered life. We will show you how you can easily integrate health and wellbeing into your life and how our approach is unique amongst health and education professionals

When you work with us, you can expect:

To learn tools that will support you

We make it very easy for you to find the best way that works for your family so that you are all thriving (not just surviving!) and not at any one person’s expense. You will be supported and nurtured in what you do know, and given opportunities to fill in any gaps that you have. Many of us are EXPERTS at looking after everyone else, and need opportunities to replenish our own bodies and souls. Hundreds of mothers have taken part in Heart Centered Mothering courses, committing to their deepest values, attending to their needs, and learning basic homoeopathy, non-violent communication, and NLP.

Clients have reported: “100% increase in life satisfaction” M, April 2011
“A huge increase in my self confidence” A, July 2011
“A decrease in my feelings of isolation and frustration” March 2011
“A resetting of my FUN buttons” T, July 2011

Support for the choices you make

From sourcing organic food and ideas for delicious nutritious meals for your family, to knowing what you can do if you are not going to use antibiotics, vaccinations antidepressants, chemotherapy, etc

A transformative experience and lasting change

You could be one of only 10% of the population able to affect lasting change, by using Heart Centered Life Coaching and the 3 essential keys ensuring change. (All successful agents use these principles, either consciously or unconsciously) Using these principles, I have helped people

  • coming off antidepressants
  • coping with chemotherapy and living to tell the tale
  • heal from total exhaustion and depression to live functional and happy lives once mor
  • heal 20 year old eczema, asthma, and other chronic underlying conditions

By working at the deepest vibrational level anyone can magnetise health and vitality to themselves, NATURALLY, and often for free

Healing from long term illnesses

Experience the wonder and joy of seeing your symptoms disappear, and health professionals scratching their heads in wonder, exclaiming that they must have made a misdiagnosis

Dependant on what their specific goals are, anyone who wishes to is supported in achieving a decreased reliance on pharmaceuticals and “health products”. You can also receive help in dealing with the negative effects of vaccination and medication

A healthy mindset which will keep you and your loved ones healthy

You can expect to be inspired and nurtured. You will feel ALIVE, RESTED, and HOPEFUL. The precious jewel that is you can dazzle and shine, no longer needing to be hidden and protected for fear of being damaged and hurt.

All of these mean an increase in life satisfaction and freedom from fear, in particular when you have a sense of coming from your deepest self.

We believe that everyone and everything is connected, and that we have all that we need within us whatever age we are

We believe that anything is possible, and that every living being is an amazing, unique, and beautiful creation

We believe that when we let go of the illusions of separateness, then everything is healed

You will have access to a wide range of wisdom and knowledge. You will feel affirmed in who you are, and CONFIDENT in being yourself in the world.

In one-on-one care, we take a lot of time with each person, making sure we understand your essence, who you really are. Each individual treatment is totally tailored for you, taking into consideration what will be the most effective process for you. This is the best care you can get and is only be available to a few people since it is very time intensive.

Integrity is very important to us – we do all the things we teach others to do. We only use healing techniques that we know from experience to work. All healing modalities are scientifically proven to work, and are at the leading edge of healing

Our commitment is to the best health outcome for everyone. We offer a wise, compassionate, inspiring, fun, natural and life giving approach to wellbeing. We are committed to seeing people experiencing less frustration and isolation. We want mothers (and all others who care for their loved ones) to be free from having to deal with constantly disrupted sleep, with asthma and eczema, with crying and tiredness. We are committed to seeing you living with pleasure and a sense of your own purpose, no longer worn down by cares fears and worries

We offer an integrated old fashioned “GP” style service where we get to know you and your family well, and are available for you with a truly understanding ear and the best healing tools available.

We offer Heart Centred Living which is a unique blend of Classical Homoeopathy, NLP, guided healing meditations, Non Violent Communication and Soul Coaching

Now that you have a better idea about the kinds of results you can expect by working with us, and our approach and philosophy, read more on our Services page to learn about the specific services and packages we offer

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