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At BE WELL NATURALLY, we offer you an INTEGRATED APPROACH to wellbeing, using a combination of different modalities, depending on each person’s needs. Each person receives a customized approach, dependant on their own individual needs. It is 100% natural, there are no hidden costs or supplements, and is designed to have you BRIMMING with OPTIMUM level of health and well being

We offer:


A total in depth consultation, designed to access your core being. Suitable for acute or chronic situations whether you have an acute illness such as a cold flu or ear infection; or you or someone you love suffers from a chronic condition such as asthma, bedwetting, headaches, depression, sleeplessness, or menstrual difficulties. Total health and wellbeing IS POSSIBLE (and it doesn’t mean you need to give up the things you love.) The initial consultation takes between 1 and 2 hours, and includes a remedy specifically tailored for you. Contact us for more details …


Birthing is an amazing experience and the kits are designed to support each woman to have that life changing experience in the most natural way possible for them. Just as each person gets treated individually, also each birth is treated individually. Taking into account the constitution of the woman giving birth, a kit of 8-12 remedies is prepared so that you have all the remedies you are likely to need to make your birth THE AMAZING TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE YOU REALLY DESIRE. Contact us for more details …


Only available for those who belong to the Be Well Naturally community and have had constitutional remedies prescribed. This service is to support you in times when you need help on a small scale. You get immediate advice or support, and help to access what you need, as you would with a GP. Contact us for more details …


Where everyone can learn to be self sufficient in caring for themselves and their loved ones in acute situations. All participants have the opportunity to become more confident in prescribing homeopathic remedies. Many have found that they can decrease their reliance on pharmaceutical products by 50% and even up to 100%. These workshops are designed so that they are child friendly, are in small bite sized sections. The workshops make the information easy to implement, and they build upon each other. You will take away specific information on what to do in a certain situation, so you can use homeopathy as a tool for keeping yourself and your loved ones well.


Designed for conscious and thoughtful mothers with young dependant children, so that they can access nurturing for themselves as well as health giving, natural, life skills and mothering skills. These 10 week courses are run in a supportive environment to facilitate maximum possible growth and change. We have doubled the time usually required to work through the 10 week process so that small children are able to come along.. Everyone gets led through the Heart Centered Process and each woman gets an opportunity to connect with others who have similar values and attitudes towards a natural way of living and wellbeing.


Designed for conscious professionals wanting to ensure that they are living true to their deepest ideals, and being the person they want to be. This 10 week course is run in a supportive group setting, where there is encouragement from others with like minded values and attitudes. Participants have the opportunity to align themselves with their deepest heart centered goals, and to ensure that they have the structures in place in their lives to support them in making lasting transformation. Contact us to find out more about running a course at your place of work or with your friends or family…


Individual life coaching sessions, where your heart’s deepest desires are attended to, and you are supported in setting up your life so you are doing all the things which bring vibrant energy and joy to your life. This is especially for those who really want to be amongst those who create lasting change. Transformation rather than change is the focus. You will have the structures in place to experience permanent change. Contact us for more details ...


Participants are supported in setting heart centered goals and encouraged to develop life giving strategies and tools so they can achieve (often long) desired ways of being. The purpose of these days is to have a concentrated amount of time to explore and experience your deepest “soul” place, in a quiet beautiful setting conducive of spiritual work. Participants come away with their lives aligned with their heart’s desires, and with practical tools to ensure the achievement of their deepest goals. Families and groups leave with a piece of artwork embodying their guiding principles and individuals get to create a work of art to use as an anchor reminding them of their commitment to themselves.


High end personalized natural living program. This program continues over 1 year, during which time I work with an individual 1-1 on a weekly basis, thereby ensuring lasting transformation with luxury and ease. Those in this program are given the optimum opportunity to change things which may have been difficult for a long time, and to experience a deeply felt love for themselves and all those they come into contact with. NOT FOR THE FAINTHEARTED!! Contact us for more details …

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