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We’re very grateful to the people who’ve allowed their testimonials to be used on this page. Click the headings below to read the full text.

Female, 7 years old - Bedwetting

Bed Wetting

Unable to visit her friends, embarrassed, uncommunicative, sad.

This girl was very distressed by her bedwetting. First we did a healing session using visualisation. Following this we used a homeopathic remedy.
One month later – no more bedwetting as well as:

  • She was much happier
  • She was much more communicative
  • A skin complaint which she hadn't even talked about disappeared
  • All wheezing disappeared, which she had had since having bronchitis as a younger child

6 months later the bedwetting started again. Repeat of remedy. After 3 months the bedwetting was much better again, only very occasionally, and 3 months later, after a repeat of the remedy, it stopped, and hasn't come back.

Female - 45 years old - Lupus


Extreme fatigue, swelling of lower limbs, panic, vision almost gone, hearing almost gone. All symptoms disappeared with the use of Prednisone, but reappeared after 1 week. This woman was very sick. She could not work; she could hardly see or hear; she found it difficult to get out of bed; and was feeling weak all over.

After 3 months of weekly homeopathic treatment, she was able to pass the vision tests, and could see out of both eyes. The specialist was so surprised he went to check if there had been a misdiagnosis.

After homeopathic treatment over 6 months, all swelling had gone. She had much more energy, was able to walk, and all vision was back. Her tiredness was now at 4/10 instead of 10/10.

After 12 months, some of the tiredness had returned, so the remedy was repeated. On and off she has required a repeat of the remedy, and her energy returns 5 years later (2012), some of the symptoms returned with an increase in stress in her life. 2 repeats of the remedy have returned her health back to the level she would like to have.

Male, 21 years - Severe Eczema from birth

Severe eczema since birth

Infections on large amount of his torso and limbs. Intolerable itching, sleeplessness, bleeding of eruptions. While travelling around NZ, this young man's eczema had flared up into severe infections. Antibiotics cleared the infections temporarily, but the eczema kept returning, and with it, intolerable itching which resulting in sleeplessness and distress.

He received intensive homeopathic treatment over the course of 1 week, and we observed as his eczema left his body following the principles of cure. First all eczema and infections left his torso and shoulders. Then his face cleared. Lastly, his arms and legs cleared and the eczema left from his hands and feet.

Four years later, he remains clear of the debilitating eczema he had endured since his birth (and last heard of, was intending to study homeopathy)

Female - 30s - Headaches, Depression

I was suffering major withdrawal symptoms - blinding headaches, severe nausea and anxiety - from prescription medications. My sister who was staying with me at the time was very concerned, and suggested I look at homeopathy to help alleviate my symptoms, as she had used homeopathy herself, in the past, and found it very helpful.

I desperately needed physical and emotional help – physical, to help me through the utterly awful withdrawals I was experiencing, and emotional, to help me work through long-standing issues which up to that point in time had gone unresolved, leading me to rely on medication

When Alice heard what I was going through, she saw me immediately, even though it was outside of usual business hours, and she had visitors. Alice did this for me a number of times, even travelling 15 minutes to my house, when I was too unwell to drive myself.

Alice was gentle, concerned, efficient, and thorough – she never recommended something for me without first researching whether it would have interactions with my current medication.

She was patient, welcoming, comforting, non-judgmental, positive, calming.

(She) treated me, the whole person, not just the problem. That had never happened for me before.

I found a calmness and optimism that had been lacking before meeting Alice.

I received homeopathic remedies that calmed me.

I underwent counseling that helped me unravel some very deep-seated issues, and view them in a new light.

The best result I got [was that] I discovered that I was a strong, likeable person (and is now on no medication, after being on a very high dose of anti-depressants)

Goodbye Warts!

“Alice helped me to get rid of my warts. After seeing her a few times they magically disappeared; when I went back to school after the summer break my friends couldn't believe it! Thank you so much Alice!”

Rumer Johanssen

Heart-Centred Coaching

My biggest problems or frustrations are that I tend to take life too seriously at times, and I forget to laugh, I can be too intense about issues, instead of letting them work themselves out.

I wanted to know - How do I get back on track in the job market, how to have more fun, getting a better nights sleep without worrying. How to deal with new relationships after having had not such good ones - I think this makes me a little edgy.

I found the coaching sessions with Alice really valuable – it helped me get back on track and reminded me where I wanted to be and how to get there. I feel much more positive now. It has also opened up my creative flow again, and made me feel better

Lisa Mabbett, Natural Health Sales Representative, Palmerston North

Homeopathy has a place in our family

I was not terribly enthusiastic about feeling so reliant on visits to the GP being the only option every time a family member was to feel unwell. I wasn't exactly feeling disempowered but certainly I wanted to feel better equipped and more confident to manage my family's wellness without the GP being the first port of call

I was inspired to develop a much greater interest in homeopathy and have since carried out further research, including reading recommended texts and using the internet.

I became convinced that homeopathy has a place in our family; in managing our health and well-being. I now feel better placed to trust my instinct, in the first instance, by feeling more confident identifying certain illnesses at their early stages.

I was extremely satisfied with your service and the one thing that stood out from everything else was support. You provided wonderful support. Everyone needs support to achieve their goals.

Sara Byers, Levin

Severe eczema as well as emotional difficulties

I had tried heaps of different remedies and doctors, and nothing had helped - we spent $100s of dollars and about 2 years, with no success.

I had severe eczema that was so painful that it bled, as well as emotional difficulties after having a Caesarian-section with the birth of our son.

The time and energy Alice gave – just listening to me – really listening (and it took ages!) it felt like she considered all the factors of my personality and situation. I felt heaps better as soon as I left her practice. The remedy cleared the eczema after just 1 dose and it has never returned.

We have total faith in Alice's skills, abilities and knowledge, and treasure her empathy and ability to connect us with ourselves

Lisa Christensen, Teacher, Gisborne

Our son was generally unwell, very lethargic...

... and after a few days was still not getting better. We came to Alice for a constitutional and she stuck with us until he was all better.

We have used Alice a number of times since then for various sickness within our family and always had a positive successful result

Alice is very precise with her remedies and spends time on getting it right

Alice (is) so lovely, friendly and easy to talk to, which is a really big factor in finding out, especially from children, exactly what 'makes them tick' and gets them talking about feelings, etc.

It is comforting to be able to ring you or come and see you, because... we don't feel we are just another client.

Rose Hyde

Owner/operator Robert Harris Coffee Shop, Palmerston North

Heart-Centred Coaching

Alice has an instinct for finding the important issues. She was gentle, but also determined in picking up clues/strings which led [me] to somewhere helpful. Fantastic coach!

Rachel Parker, Gisborne

Nourishing Your Creativity - Retreat Day

[The retreat day was] Beautiful! I felt nourished and supported and loved. It was very relaxed and easy and yet potent. I had a lot of stuff happen for me afterwards, some good, some difficult but ultimately good, I guess the main thing I got from the day was a shift from where I was, and that's what I went for.

The creativity part took a lot of the day but I really enjoyed it and actually needed it just to get out of my head, to chill out, work with my hands and have fun. The inspiration I gained was that I am artistic and creative (after years and years of a rather large voice in my head telling me I'm no good at art)

(The piece of art is) on my mantle piece at home and I see it regularly, it doesn't really serve as inspiration as such. More when I look at it I get a sense of peace and can feel some of that lovely nurturing energy from the day / group

Creative endeavours? Hadn't planned on any due to business and family commitments but now you mention it I would love to do some more stone work with Wendy....

So, thanks for a beautiful day, keep me on your mailing list of any upcoming events cos I'll definitely come back

Thanks, Mayatita

Have more Adventures...

I would like to be able to pursue my own interests and hobbies, do something creative. I would like more energy free for me, and more space to follow my own rhythms. I want to have more adventures, GET MORE SLEEP, EAT MORE FRUIT

This encourages me to keep my priorities clear. (I am) accessing care totally appropriate to our health philosophy –

  • working with our bodies
  • drug free
  • recognizing the healing power of the body mind and spirit

Willow Starstrider, Organic Mama, Shannon

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