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Who We Serve

At Be Well Naturally, I work with a wide-variety of people and organizations:

  • Conscious mothers caring for dependent children – often they are exhausted from sleep deprivation and feeling lonely, isolated and possibly depressed
  • Families who are committed to living a natural organic conscious life
  • Home educating families who want their children to grow up confident and able with a clear sense of who they are
  • Teachers in rural or small town schools
  • Holistic health practitioners
  • Educational institutions
  • Professionals involved in the organic sector
  • Conscious intelligent people

Our clients have one thing in common: a genuine interest in making a difference in the world by using a natural holistic approach to life. In other words, our clients all want to live a conscious, natural integrated life, and to help those in their care to BE WELL naturally, acknowledging spiritual emotional mental and physical dimensions to health and well being

I really want to work with you.

I’d love to help you and those you care for to be living a healthy integrated life that fits your deepest values, and to find joy and happiness in that, today.

To get started, ask yourself if any of these statements are true for you.

  1. Because of the fast paced way of life on offer today, you are even more concerned about how to live a conscious healthy life, and how to stay true to what you know is good for you and your family. Maybe you are not sure what tools you need to be able to care for your family naturally – how to look after children if you don’t vaccinate, or how to give your family the best chance of having life giving relationships with each other even when they are adults. Or maybe there are some specific tools you would like to develop – like non violent communication. You wonder how you can survive in an often unhealthy/unwholesome environment and give your family the loving nurturing care you instinctively know is good for them.
  2. There are pressures from your extended family because of the choices you are making for yourself and your loved ones. You need to follow your heart, but you also want acceptance and nurturing for yourself, without having to defend every decision you make.
  3. The status quo in your environment is at best, uninspiring or at worst, toxic and you want to be able to pursue excellence in every area of your life, using life giving tools and a healthy dose of common sense, and still be able to have FUN. You want to experience life with the purity of clear spring water and you need the soul’s equivalent of a beautiful crystal glass filled to the brim
  4. Working in a caring profession is highly demanding, and the demands on you are showing. You are needing to fill up your own well, to ensure you are in the right space to be able to look after those you are caring for.
  5. Working in an institution or organization can be frustrating and even overwhelming. You know how amazing you can be, and what a difference you can make, but the system is hampering your efforts to be an effective human making meaningful connections. You want to be using effective communication tools and leading edge healing techniques which have been proven to be safe and effective. You want to get to the core of things and to deal with things from a deep, even spiritual perspective, so that you are not sweating the small stuff, but making a real difference and having fun on the way
  6. You live an organic, integrated healthy way of life. Congratulations! You have worked hard to ensure that you are living the way you believe makes a difference in the world. You have created a meaningful family or working life and want to keep it that way. You want to be connected with others living similarly, supporting each other in consciousness and excellence


Is working with me at Be Well for you?

People are more likely to work successfully with me if they are:

  • Heart Centered. You value your own and others deepest intentions and believe that everyone has something of value to share, irrespective of age or level of ability. You know that when you are truly centered in your own heart, you will BE WELL and you can help others to BE WELL
  • Committed to the continuum concept or other similar natural ways of being. You are focused on natural life giving practices or are keen to learn more skills such as compassionate communication (non violent communication), neuro linguistic programming, homeopathy, natural nutrition, organic growing, permaculture, art, meditation, or journaling
  • Believe in possibilities. You are not stuck in what has been, trapped by limiting beliefs or reluctant to try something new. You believe that change and healing is possible in any situation, and approach life (or wish to) with an optimistic attitude.
  • Serious about what you want, and fun-loving in what you do. You are a life-long learner and see each situation as an opportunity to learn something new and each person you meet as a possible “teacher”. You have an open-minded open-hearted approach to life, and value experiencing joy and fun in the process

Now that you know the kind of people we work with, the issues we help them resolve, and what they need to do to ensure their success, click to learn more about How We Work and the Results you can expect.

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